Trunk Club Review

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Fall will be here soon, so to stock up on some new fall items, I decided to give Trunk Club a try. Ever since getting my first Stitch Fix shipment, I’ve been anxious to compare the two styling services. I’m sharing my Trunk Club Review, today, and spoiler alert – I was not disappointed!

Man walking on sidewalk wearing a pink t-shirt and blue shorts

How Trunk Club Works

To start, you will be introduced to a personal online stylist. If you get referred from me, your stylist would be my wonderful stylist Haley.

  • There is NO ongoing styling fee (love this!), however, Trunk Club charges a $25 “try on fee” for new customers, which can be used towards your purchases and never expires. If you have a Nordstom credit card, this fee is waived completely.
  • Shipping is free both ways. You choose to keep what you like and send back everything else. They make it super simple with a prepaid sticker to attach to your box. There’s NO minimum purchase required.
  • After you specify your preference (women’s and men’s trunks are available) you’ll fill out some style questions. (similar to Stitch Fix if you read my reviews) These include the types of styles you like, your various sizes and any specific requests you may have.
  • After you submit all “get started” info, you will receive a welcome email from your stylist and asks you how you prefer to be contacted. You can choose to talk on the phone (which is great for personalization), text or chat via email.
  • I chose the email option and then Haley sent me a detailed questionnaire. I replied with all of my requests and included my dislikes and such. I also included the link to my Pinterest board. Providing visuals always helps. I was even able to send her links of items from Norstrom that I wanted to receive in my trunk.
  • After a day or so, my favorite feature of Trunk Club takes place – The Preview!! Your stylist chooses the items she thinks you would like and sends you the link. You can then view the items from your “trunk proposal” and remove anything you know you don’t want to be included in the trunk. Items removed will be replaced with new surprises (depending on your feedback) that will be delivered.
  • Your Trunk is sent and may include clothes, shoes, jewelry, and bags. Such a fabulous variety of fashion items! The brands are Nordstrom brands and from the current season.
  • You get to keep your Trunk Club box for 5 days, which gives you plenty of time to try things on with pieces you already own and make your decision on what you want and what you can live without. To send back the items you’re not keeping, you either schedule UPS pickup via Trunk Club, or drop your box off at any UPS location

Trunk Club Review – My First Trunk

Okay now seriously, here we go! Remember – If you see anything that you like below, feel free to pin away and/or ask your stylist in the notes section of your next Trunk for something similar!

Slim Fit Slub Knit Henley by Vince | L | 85.00 | Kept

I like this loose fit, casual shirt because it is very breathable and could go with really anything. If you know me I don’t really like super tight shirts, especially since I have to deal with hot and sticky weather in Texas. If you prefer a more fitted t-shirt, I would recommend sizing down. I was on the fence about keeping it since the price was high just for a t-shirt, but ultimately decided it was worth keeping.

Man standing on sidewalk by a door wearing pink shirt and grey joggers

Essential Woven Track Pants by Nike | M | 70.00 | Kept

I have never tried on Nike joggers because I usually get Lululemon joggers. However, the problem I have with those is they make them for people with very long legs, so I have to pull them up to my belly button. 🤣 These were the perfect fit. They weren’t too long and they cuffed nicely around my ankle.

Man standing on sidewalk by a door wearing pink shirt and grey joggers walking away

Classic Fit Texture Stich Short Sleeve Sweater by Topman | L | 35.00 | Kept

I love this sweater! When I think of sweaters I think of thick, uncomfortable and itchy material. But this wasn’t at all it has elastic around the neck, arms, and waist, which gives you a slimmer look. Its perfect for a nice dinner date or even a fancy get together.

Man standing in front of house walkway with nice clothes on

Stretch Weekday Warrior Slim Fit Dress Pants by Bonobos | 32 | 98.00 | Return

These dress pants are very comfortable and not at all stiff. I also liked the color, but they were just too long. Trunk Club will complementarily tailor your clothes that you get from a trunk. Cool, right? I already have some custom-tailored pants that I love but I only wear them on special occasions, which is like three times a year. I knew I wouldn’t get much wear out of these, so I sent them back.

Man walking in front of a house with winter dress clothes and sunglasses

Atticus Plain Toe Derby by Clarks | 9.5 | 125.00 | Return

These shoes had a really comfortable fit and were true to size. They were also really versatile and could go with a nice suit or even something business casual. I liked the way they looked, but again I already have dress shoes that I never wear. These went back because I just don’t think I’ll wear them often enough to justify the price.

Man walking down sidewalk in dress clothes

Harry Stripe T-Shirt by Topman | L | 20.00 | Kept

I’m not a big fan of the black and white striped shirts, so my stylist sent me it in a maroon color which I liked. The shirt had a nice flow to it and was very comfortable. It would work well paired with a denim button-up over it, since fall is right around the corner.

9 Inch Stretch Breaker Shorts by Vineyard Vines | 32 | 75.00 | Kept

I just grew out of my old pair of khaki shorts, so I was happy to see my stylist pick these out from one of my favorite brands, Vineyard Vines. They are made with fabric that’s comfy, strong, and breathable with a little stretch. These shorts come in 9 other colors, which is a large variety of choices. If you click on the link and order something from Vineyard Vines, they will give you 20% off your purchase.

Avalon Driving Shoe by 1901 | 9.5 | 99.95 | Return

I love loafers and these I asked for in brown, but was sent black for some reason. I probably would have kept them if they were brown. They feel comfortable with lots of padding. The metal piece on the top gives a dressier look to them, which I like. I was a bit undecided about these. I might have to ask for them in my next trunk.

A guy walking in front of house with sunglasses

X_PLR Sneaker by Adidas | 9.5 | 84.95 | Kept

These white lightweight sneakers where probably my favorite thing in my trunk. They are very supportive and comfortable all around the foot. They are good for running or even casual wear. I will try not to get them dirty.😉

Man standing in the front lawn posing

Aeroplane Slim Fit Hybrid Shorts by 7 Diamonds | 32 | 59.00 | Kept

These stretchy and very roomie shorts are perfect for everyday wear. Definitely my style!

Classic Clubmaster Sunglasses by Ray-Ban | 51mm | 153.00 | Return

I had room for one more thing in my trunk, so I asked for these Ray-Ban sunglasses. These are basically the same as my prescription glasses that transition into sunglasses. I love these because they go with everything, from casual to a more dressy look. The price is a little high, but they are very high-quality and durable.

Guy with glasses on holding glasses on face

Trunk Club Review – My Final Thoughts 

I was super happy with the way my stylist really worked with me to find exactly what I wanted. This is a service I know I’ll use again. It’s perfect for those of us that don’t care for shopping or just simply don’t have the time. I also like that everything comes from Nordstrom. I can always find items that I like from there, whether it be shoes or glasses. If you want to give it a try too, check it out here.

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